ENO Opera Works Response Weekend 3 Audition Practice

Friday afternoon was spent with Jane Robinson, head vocal coach on ENO Opera Works and Sophie Joyce Head of the Harewood Artists Program and Casting Manager. It was a mock audition set up where they stopped us and advised us throughout on how to improve our audition technique.

A few tips…

Don’t walk away from the panel too quickly.

When finding your place to stand in the audition room just stand and be.

The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable the panel will be.

Be confident, say what you would like to sing.

Don’t do stage acting in an audition, less is more. Don’t try to show them everything that would be happening on stage.

Try to keep your arms by your side for most of the time, over gesturing can be very distracting.

Include recit if it is an aria that has recitative preceding it.

Show what you can do as much as you can in the first aria.

Present your best work not what you think they want to hear. 

Notes from the pianist…

Don’t bring scores covered in scribbles or marked with breaths/ornaments that you don’t do.

Don’t bring huge heavy scores or loose sheets. Music should be stuck together.


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